Our Manifesto

Here is what we believe:

1. Our clients are not broken and in need of healing, but whole and in process.

2. Every business consultant is unique, so they should be clarifying and using their specific talents with their clients.

3. Business Consultants should help clients cultivate LONG-TERM transformation, instead of short-term gains or breakthroughs. 

4. Business Consultants are open to using new techniques or processes to assist clients in their personal growth.

5. Business consultants assist their clients with emotional healing through empathy and compassion, but also help them create practical goals and give them pragmatic advice. 

6. Business Consultants give their clients exercises after each session to help activate any revelations, new insights, or to solidify an "emotional healing."

7. Shame is the primary driver of dysfunction, anxiety, and fear...and the antidote to shame is compassion, empathy, and connection.

8. People are ultimately responsible for their own situations, and if they internally change, their circumstances will change.

9. Creating a healthy and enjoyable life is possible, and is a far more straightforward process than most people believe.

10. Business Consultants will work "actively" with their clients to help them create a lifestyle, relationship, or professional achievement that they desire.

11. Business Consultants are adamant about identifying and working at the root of an issue, and not getting distracted or wasting time trying to fight symptoms.