Business Consulting Course is Different.


We didn't design this course to teach people how to make millions, or to become a fad. We created this course to teach motivated individuals how to consult with executives, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople.



Where did we get started?


Business Consulting Course is the culmination of over ten years of life and business consulting. It's a hybrid of business know-how, and personal wellness. The founder, Blair Reynolds, started by founding an online entrepreneurial community called It taught entrepreneurs how to create thriving businesses, but remain emotionally healthy and balanced. After launching the online community, he created Life Consulting Course is a pioneer in teaching unorthodox, but effective emotional wholeness techniques and process.

Business Consulting Course is the perfect combination of both endeavors. It is a site that focuses on consultants working with business owners and executives. It informs businesspeople how to create flourishing businesses and beautiful personal lives. If you're interested in working with the whole person. Business Consulting Course may be the platform you've been looking for.



Our Mantra


We're committed to bringing you the best possible experience. We'll help you to "own" your personal talents and experiences in the workplace, and help you utilize them to impact businesses of every shape and size. We'll bring you cutting edge techniques from business owners and business consultants. Unlike most platforms, we offer an end-to-end solution to getting your business consulting venture off the ground: best business practices, marketing, and working with individuals to maximize their emotional health and potential. 


Are you ready?

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We know many of you may not have interest in the business industry. If you are looking to work with individuals, you can check out our site that focuses solely on training people for personal breakthrough at Life Consulting Course.