Business Consulting Course is one-of-a-kind. 

Learn more than the "building blocks of a business," learn what makes businessmen and women thrive!


Learn Business

Every business is unique, but every business requires solid strategy, best practices, and to create a healthy culture to thrive. We'll train you up on the pillars of healthy businesses.


Unlock Leaders

 Businesses are simply people offering services. To make a business thrive, the individuals involved must be healthy and thriving. We'll teach you how to introduce health into businesspeople's lives!


Join a community

 Maximizing your potential requires like-minded community. In BCC, you'll find a positive and supportive community of consultants and potential consultants. You don't have to do this alone.

Are you done working for someone else?


Many individuals know they have wisdom and experience that would be helpful to businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives. They recognize, deep down, they were meant for "more." They want freedom over their time and to be rewarded financially for their efforts. 

How about you? Are you in this position?

Business consulting can be your answer. It allows you to make a difference, live a fulfilling life and do something you love.



Most business consulting courses or schools major on the minors.


Most people assume a consultant is a business-genius who magically knows how to "fix"  a business. But here's the hard truth, most business owners will know more about "their" business or industry than you will. That's okay! 

Businesses are made up of people...and people create the problems, stifle profitability, and often sabotage their own efforts!

Business Consulting Course teaches you how to maximize the emotional health of the individuals in a business...thereby unlocking creativity, productivity, and ultimately profitability.



Business Consulting Course is comprehensive:

You'll be receiving

  • Business Tools/Strategies
  • Business Consulting PDFs
  • Private FB Community
  • Business Owner Interviews
  • Platform Building Tools/Resources
  • Guest Business Consultant Interviews
  • Lifetime Online Course Access
  • Discounts on Private Consulting
  • Emotional Health Personal Training
  • Marketing Training

Blair Reynolds


Blair likes coffee. He also likes water...when it has been poured through a filter of coffee grounds. Over the last several years, he's been a hybrid business and life consultant to hundreds of individuals and organizations. He brings a sense of humor to working with people, so that they can grow without the traditional pain of "getting emotionally well." He is the founder of, Co-Host of The Liberation Project, helped to create Entrepreneur Academy, and has his own Life Consulting practice. Apparently, he likes working. He also likes swimming...and Twix.


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